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List of my software in the public domain.

Research projects

Semantic Data Analysis
Semantic Analysis Framework

As a network or cyber security experimenter, have you ever wished for an ability to analyze your experiment with high-level questions such as “did my experiment run as expected?” or “did X occur in my experiment ?”. Have you ever felt the tedium of manual analysis or writing problem-specific tools for every situation and wished for a better approach? SAF might be the tool for you.

Utility Software

srtgplot (hosted on googlecode)

srtgplot was written to automate the commonly encountered need of plotting data captured by executing unix commands in real-time (eg: TX packets from ifconfig or monitoring the temperature of a hard-drive using output from smartctl).The real-time data can be generated using any command, program or script. Data is expected to be either numeric or continuous and the graph plotted is a moving timeline.

Log Analysis
kissview (hosted on googlecode)

Kissview takes in a Apache logfile(ASCII or Gzipped) and produces a static HTML file containing visualizations written using Google Visualization APIs. It is an ultrasimple yet powerful webserver log analysis tool. The rationale behind this tool is to output very simple statistics gleaned from an HTTP logfile. This tool is nowhere as feature-rich as compared to the power of awstats and the like and that is exactly the point behind this tool. Thus kissview a.k.a. the Keep it Simple, Stupid Viewer. Kissview is included in Softpedia's MacOS software database (since March 25 2010).

Javascript Flipbook

A flipbook in javascript made just to beat time.


This is a web album generator (much like the Picasa album generator) but it provides additional image information for each photo. This is typically useful if you are learning photography and want to compare various shooting parameters of photographs.

Slideshow using Google AJAX Feed APIs

The slideshow was written using the awesome Google AJAX Feed APIs. I spiced it up a notch by displaying date information along with the captions from the original photos. The slideshow fetches a RSS feed from one of my picasa albums.

Misc. Scripts
Dhingana Ripper (ruby)

A ruby-based commandline implementation of a tool to download songs from Dhingana.

Currency Converter (ruby script)

Shows current conversion rate between two chosen currencies (live data is fetched from A working internet connection is required. The currencies are specified using codes used by (just typing ./convert.rb on the shell shows the list). The usage of the script is as follows

Usage: ./convert.rb <from> <to>
       from : from currency Code
       to   : to currency Codes

shell$ ./convert.rb USD INR
1 USD = 48.4350 INR