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Notes and Resources

My Notes

  • Introduction to SSL.
    Given at IBM India Software Labs on 23rd Dec 2003.
  • Introduction to AWK.
    Given at Nevis Networks on 2nd Feb 2004.
  • Useful Command Lines
    Contains useful one-liner commands that i have collected or built myself over the years. Indispensable!
  • How browsers support multilingual content
  • An example multilingual page along with notes on the process involved (pretty newbie-sh) (View html)
  • Howtos
  • Using xrandr and gtf to add a new mode to your X at runtime.
  • Ubuntu configurations / tweaks / tips and tricks
  • Using Mendeley effectively on multiple systems using an external storage drive (Posted on my Blog)
  • Converting Presentations to PDF using simple UNIX shell and JODConverter
  • Bibliographies

  • Seminal Papers in Computer Science ( Subscribe via RSS )
  • Monitoring, Measurement, Diagnostic Tools and Utilities (Google Spreadsheet)
  • Visualization and Visual Analytics (Google Spreadsheet)
  • Resources
  • Security Surveys, Trends and Reports
  • Security Conferences, Magazines and Blogs

    This is a list of conferences, magazines and blogs that i continuously monitor for the latest in security.

  • Security Tools and resources
  • Security Challenges
  • Geek Zone