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Brain Barf

As the name suggests, this is a blog about my musings and stuff that generally interests me like Computers, Technology, World Affairs, History, Politics, Philosophy and Economics. (NOTE: Javascript must be enabled to view this page in its full glamour ).

Indian Jugaad Blog

This is a more serious blog with a purpose. It was inspired due to an article in the The Week magazine and especially this quote by Dr. R. Mashelkar:

The I in India has stood for imitation and inhibition for far too long. It is high time it stood for innovation. And the best thing about this movement is that we have the jugaad energy of a billion of us to power it forward.

I personally believe in this amazing Jugaad energy that Indians possess. This is what i believe carries the nation forward inspite of all the hardships faced by the common man in his day-to-day life. The blogs purpose is to capture all such small innovations that make a huge difference.